All he ever wanted out of life was to serve his country  because of 9/11 and  to get the best training possible to become a Las Vegas Police Officer. He wanted to go to college at UNLV on his return from his 2nd tour of duty, fall in love, get married, adopt a shelter dog, have children.  The Lord Jesus Christ was his #1, then family was very important to him, 2nd only to God.  There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family.  He would take a bullet for his friends & actually did (not literally, but just as compelling) for a friend in Elko, whether the friend deserved it or not, my son had his back to the end. He was humble to a fault.  He often said, ‘Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.’
    He was temperate, slow to anger. I cannot recall him talking negatively about anyone, I admire that about him.  He was profoundly forgiving, had the biggest heart ever, and as I list his qualities I can easily see why God took him.
He is survived by :
Joy Marsico (Mother)      Shakira Bravo (Sister)        Isabelle Bravo (Sister)
Raul G. Bravo (Father)   Rachel Bravo (Sister)         Alex Bravo (Nephew)

Sierra Bravo (Niece)  Lillian Marsico (Grandmother)  Bobbie Lei (Life long Friend)