Please print this page, fill it out, and either scan it or take smartphone photos and email it to Please allow us 48 hrs to contact you.


                                          APPLICATION FOR POLICE DEPARTMENT K9

Department Name ______________________________________________________





Who is in charge of your department’s K9 program? If not yourself, Please include their Rank/Title/Name and contact info below______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Note SFB will NEVER gift a K9 to ANY department without a full vetting from their town council/ city or governing agency due to liability on both ends)

Does your department already have a K9 program? YES______________NO______________________

If awarded a K9 from SFB do you understand that the dog is no longer our liability and that your department MUST obtain the proper insurance through your state and accrediting agency after hand off? YES__________NO__________

Are you applying for a K9 due to a line of duty death?

YES ____________NO_____________________

If so was the death due to friendly circumstances? _________________________________________________________________

Does your department  have a Veterinarian that you have used in the past? If so please give their name/Phone number. _________________________________________________________________

If not, please provide us with who you intend on using, providing the same info.



(please note that all of our K9s must have a pre-approved trauma/specialty clinic on file in case of an unforeseen emergent situation)

Do you have reliable transportation for the K9? Yes______________N0________________

If so does your department have the proper kennel inserts?____________

Impact-rated aluminum kennel? _________ Door Popper?______________

Heat alarm_____________ when was the last time it was serviced?______________

SFB expects that our K9s are placed in a forever relationship. That a department is awarded a k9 and from there it stay with its handler, not to be traded amongst other officers without the prior notarized sign off from SFB (we understand life happens, we just want to be kept utd with who our dogs are placed with) That being said we expect our K9s to go home at the end of shift with their handlers. So please consult with your handler to fill this portion out.

Do you rent or own your home?_____________________________________________

Do you have a fully fenced in perimeter? (6 foot height minimum)  YES______________NO______________

Please list the names and ages of all in your household (children included) so that an in-depth background check can be performed on the family and roommates.


Do you have a history of alcohol/substance/physical abuse? ____________________ If so have you sought help and positive coping skills, or are you still struggling? ___________________________

Why do you want a K9? How do you believe it may change your department for the better/worse?


If awarded an SFB K9 do you intend on continuing education and self-training through SFB with the assistance of a pre-selected and appointed training center/instructor to maintain State and local level accreditation and certifications? YES _________NO____________



If an unforeseen incident were to arise that would make you consider relinquishing your department’s K9, do you agree to contact your case manager with SFB so that our organization can make arrangements to retrieve the dog, and acknowledge any failure to do so without the expressed written consent and proper notarization from the SFB makes you subject to a $5,000.00 USD fine, and a lifetime ban from our network and sister/brother programs?

YES _________________NO_________________________


Do you have any previous experience with working class dogs? ____________________________________________________

What made you reach out and apply to our organization? _____________________________________________________

Does your department have a preferred breed?____________ If so what is it? (Circle all that apply)

German Shepherd         Belgian Tervuren    Belgian Malinois       Belgian Sheepdog                                                                        Dutch Shepherd

Do you prefer a male or female? _________________________

Do you acknowledge that if selected to receive a dog, that SFB will provide a K9 , (in good health, passing national temperament standards ) a vest (ballistic grade and blade proof), kennel, UTD immunizations and medical record for this dog and that from the moment you take the dog home and the hand off is complete that your department is solely liable for the dogs medical care and vaccinations and boosters per your local, state and federal FDA/USDA guidelines? That failure to provide continued proper medical care for this warrior K9 is inexcusable and subject to removal from your care upon failure to comply with SFB’s guidelines, understanding that SFB will not immediately remove a dog without an in-depth investigation and warning to rectify the dogs health status.

YES____________NO________________     Sign______________________date_________________

Please note that SFB-K9W receives dozens of K9 applications every week, and we like to give each applicant the due respect they deserve as not to overlook or short change the department and unit’s individual needs. You may be approved to obtain a K9 with us, and it may mean that we don’t have the perfect match for you on hand at that time. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Our average time of placement from application and case manager assignment is 7 months.

Please note that you will be required to provide 2 reference letters from fellow LEOs, A copy of all handler certifications that will be taking on the dog as their full-time partner, as well as a picture ID.(Please use the space below to add any notes that you may have) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to apply, we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your service to this country. Know that we are here for you, and that SFB is a family that spans the globe. We look forward to talking to you soon!

Very Respectfully,                                                                                                                                                      -The SFB Family

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