We have a slew of ways that you can help our amazing program. If you are a breeder, a kennel owner or need to re-home a dog that you would like to give to our organization  please do not hesitate to contact us, as our applicant lists grow daily and the K9’s are the keystone element of this program which often time are in short supply.

We also supply each and every dog we place with a vest; either service dog ($200.00) or ballistic grade patrol vest ($1200.00) for our K9’s.

Travel is another large expenditure, whether a forfeiture of time or cash the SFB family bares all of the costs and makes ZERO profit. If you would like to donate your time transporting one of the program dogs in one of our periodic nationwide caravans please reach out to us. If you do not have the time to donate you can donate via our PayPal. The average cost of a flight is $250.00 one way to fly a Service K9 in-cabin. Special Forces Bravo – K9’s for Warriors will NEVER ship below the plane in cargo. We have import/export experts who work with us to properly plan each trip in detail to assure that all laws are strictly adhered to, and most importantly that dogs are safe and secure with a SFB handler at all times.

Every quarter SFB sends care packages to deployed working teams. We send packages to forward operating bases, embassies, you name it. We send you a prepaid flat rate box and a list of prohibited items that the Working dogs may not have, and ideas for some of the requests that we frequently get. (TENNIS BALLS/KONGS/DOG SHOES/COLLAPSIBLE BOWLS/ TRAVEL WATER BOWLS) If you would like to be on our care package mailing list please email us and place “Care Package” in the subject.