• In March 2007 Bobbie lost a great friend tragically in Iraq. Marine Lance Cpl. Raul S Bravo Jr had a huge soft spot for animals and bred positivity everywhere he went. Bobbie and Raul’s surviving family have decided to create this foundation in his honor. As a way of helping heal combat canines and helping his returning brothers and sisters put one foot in front of the other.
  • In 2011 Bobbie completed Federal Working Dog Handling and Tracking courses, igniting her love for the working dog.
  • In 2012 Bobbie began hosting Ex-Military Working Dogs and re-homing them with retired military and law enforcement officer families.
  • On May 4th 2013 she devastatingly got word that her children’s God-father SSgt Eric D Christian had been killed in a green on blue killing in Afghanistan. He and fellow MARSOC teammate Cpl. David Sonka and their Multipurpose Canine Flex were also lost in the insider attack.
  • In 2015 She received a lead on a former LEO K9 needing a new home. After several months of intensive training she renamed him Flex and flew him to Denver to surprise an Ex-Army Ranger that was suffering  with post-traumatic stress. The feeling she had, witnessing two combat veterans making positive changes in each other’s lives made her want to make it a common occurrence.
  • Since placing K9 Flex, 6 Other working dogs have been rehabilitated and placed with veteran’s and local police departments in need of a patrol dog, with the financial inability to obtain one.

You can donate to Special Forces Bravo to help pay for transporting a working dog to its new home or training, their medical care, or vesting, You can also give your time if you are willing to transport dogs from state to state. Every so often we move dogs from one coast to the other and all with the help of multiple volunteers that drive our K9’s a short distance and hand them off to the next volunteer until the trip is complete! Feel free to send us an email if you are interested (Subject to full local and federal background check/driving record check, other rules apply)

Feel free to view our program dogs by selecting to in the drop down menu.

Thank you for visiting our page. Feel free to Apply for a program dog by downloading our application and submitting it to the website email. If you have any other questions or inquiries please feel free to E-mail the website directly, please allow 48 hours for a response.